Daniel Prapone

"Life is my inspiration."

- Daniel Prapone


Daniel Prapone was born in 1957 in Craiova, Romania. Since 1989, he has lived as a freelance painter and sculptor in Nuremberg. He is owner of the Ateliergalerie Prapone in Nuremberg, Neutorstraße 1.   Daniel Prapone is now internationally recognized. He has participated in exhibitions all over the world. In 2004, he designed an exhibition in Seattle, USA.


A few important statues of these activities have recently been:

  • 2008 May
    Monumental sculpture of bronze and marble
    Cervia near Rimini

  • 2008 October
    Exhibition in Paris
    Montreuil la Boissier

  • 2009
    Exhibition of works in Schmidbauer
    Theme "HighTech Industry"


In Daniel Prapone's work two different paths are recognizable:

These are his abstract works, on the one hand, in which he lets the pastels flow together and dampens abstract gestures to his calm rhythm. The geometrical structure and the highly distinctive color fields are brought into a harmonious relationship. Calmness arises in the viewer, concentration and reflection. The delicate pastel colors light up suggestively. A kind of meditative icon emerges, to which the abstract-expressive moment is still present. Frequently, they can be interpreted as abbreviations or details of ruins or bodies seen, which he dissolves from their own context and autonomously sets in, others seem to point to ground plans, are transformed into individual, model figures.
A second group of works today defines his artistic work: luminous, powerful works, color strength and severity. Strokes, lines overlap, add to character-like, striking formations, usually in his works motif from the southern Mediterranean region in irregularly acting poetic area divisions.

The paintings of Daniel Prapone are located in many private collections and museums.

Prapone on TV


  • 2016 
    Exhibition in Paris, "balett & horses"
    Exhibition in Nürnberg, Galerie Prapone, summer exhibition
    Exhibition in Nürnberg Galerie Prapone, horse appreciation
    Workshops in Romania, Vama sub lumini de Oskar
    Award in Romania "Oskar for sculpture"

    Shortmovie "life Performance" Prapone when painting

  • 2015 
    Exhibition in Nuremberg, Galerie Prapone (20th anniversary in Nuremberg)
    Exhibition in Basel, Switzerland
    Workshops in Romania, Vama sub lumini de Oskar

  • 2014
    Exhibition at Bayerland EG (combined with an order)
    Exhibition in USA
    Exhibition in Nuremberg, appreciation Brincusi 1956, (20th anniversary in Nuremberg)

  • 2013
    From January: permanent exhibition in Fusion Art Galleries - Miami / USA

  • 2012
    From May: in the program of Fusion Art Gallery - Miami / USA
    From May: exhibition at Galerie Prapone
    From June: Exhibition in the law firm Leist
    From June to July: exhibition at Tintschl
    From September: exhibition in practice Dr. Henkel, Bayreuth   (sold out)
    From November: exhibition in practice Dr. Eulart, Bayreuth   (sold out)

  • 2010
    Exhibition in the town hall of Nuremberg to the German-Italian cultural exchange
    Exhibition at the Romanian Consulate in Munich:
    "The Lightness of Being" - June - September

  • 2009
    Exhibition Firm Selleck & Partner
    Exhibited works at Schmidtbauer July - August cranes and high-tech industry
    Exhibition 20 years of art in Galerie-Atelier Prapone

  • 2008
    Exhibition in Paris - Paul Signac

  • 2007
    Anniversary / birthday exhibition on the 50th birthday:
    Landgericht Ansbach - "Art meets Justitia"
    Summer exhibition D3 (Deutsche Bank) Frankfurt / Main
    Commissioned by: Mr. Helmut Trunk commissioned the sculpture (well):
    'Homage Angelika' for the city of Cervia (Italy) near Rimini - with production in 2008

  • 2006
    On the occasion of the World Cup: commission for Hotel Herzogspark in Herzogenaurach:
    20qm wall painting as well as decoration of the installation room for the reception of the World Cup guests with watercolors and graphics.
    Furthermore, commissioned by TRANSACTIO:
    Portraits of famous masters

  • 2005
    Commissioned work - exhibition pieces for art calendar of the company RIMEC
    "Kasparhauser" Exhibition in the District Court Schwabach

  • 2004
    Exhibition in Seattle / USA:
    "Future art"

  • 2003
    May to June, exhibition in the studio of the artist "Friendship and Peace"

  • 2002
    December exhibition "The Four Elements":
    Donate to the Arid Museum
    Design of the year artist calendar of the company Siemens

  • 2001
    Exhibition "work" for Cheerful industry, August to September at company Siemens

  • 2000
    Mayexhibition "The Lightness of Being", Galerie Maiwald in Munich

  • 1997
    Exhibition at the International Fair in Padua, Italy
    March Exhibition "The Seven Days of Creation":
    Ateliergalerie Prapone in Nuremberg

  • 1994
    Exhibition in the gallery "Art Temeswar" in Timisora, Romania

  • 1991
    Gallery owner and exhibitor at the international exhibition "Art-6" in Nuremberg

  • 1990
    Participation in the exhibition "Contrasts", Palais Stutterheim in Erlangen

  • 1987
    Participation in the exhibition in Odessa, USSR

  • 1972
    Participation at the International Art Exhibition in Bucharest, Romania:
    2nd prize